LTC Requirements

Once you apply online and fill out the application, follow these steps:

You must pass a written test after four hours of instruction. Completing my online course fulfills this requirement.

You must be fingerprinted by at State of Texas approved fingerprinting facility.

You must submit proof of firearms proficiency. If you are active duty military or veteran, you may have this requirement fulfilled.

For military members, both active duty and retired, you may satisfy the requirement for proof of firearms proficiency by submitting proof of military handgun proficiency, as long as it occurred in the last 10 years. That means that you only need to have fingerprints taken, and complete this program in order to receive your Texas LTC. To make it even easier for you, the State of Texas has waived the licensing fee, which means that for $50plus tax and surcharges and the price of fingerprinting you can have your Texas LTC.

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